At we are creating a meeting place for yoga teachers and students. We provide a platform, where certified yoga teachers can offer their classes. They decide how they want to teach, when they want to teach, and set their own prices. We welcome all yoga teachers certified with Yoga Alliance or with Iyengar Yoga National Association US.

All classes are online. Classes are taught from the teachers’ homes or studios. Students join the classes from wherever they are – from their homes, from vacation, from all over the world. Students have their cameras on so that teachers can see them and give them individualized instruction and verbal corrections.

Our classes are:

  • LIVE – it’s not a pre-recorded video. The teacher is with you HERE and NOW
  • INTERACTIVE – it’s not one-way streaming. You see the teacher and the teacher sees YOU and talks to YOU
  • ONLINE – you join the class from your smartphone, tablet or laptop

At we welcome teachers from different styles and methods of yoga. We believe the variety of methods makes yoga accessible to a variety of people and creates unique opportunity for open-minded practice of mutual tolerance. Yoga is what unifies us, on and off the mat.

how it works

if you are the student visit our schedule. Enjoy online yoga with! For tips and tricks how to optimize your online yoga experience – look into our FAQs section. You will find there answers to most of the questions which may arise.

if you are a teacher read how to join us