• Yoga – single class – $15
  • punch-pass 5 classes – $65

All passes expire 1 month after the purchase date.

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First of all, decide which device that you would like to use to take classes with iyoga.online.  You can use a smartphone, tablet or computer, each have their benefits.  In general, the larger the screen, the better you’ll be able to see the teacher.  

If you are taking a class at home and have the ability to mirror your screen on your smart TV, that will give you the best view.

You can try watching through your TV by a process called screen mirroring, or casting your screen. You will need a smart TV or a device that turns your TV into a smart TV.

If your smartphone and your TV are made by the same manufacturer, i.e. Samsung or LG, then you may be able to screen mirror using a pre-installed app on your phone. If not, you will likely need a separate device which will connect your phone to your TV, such as a Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick or Apple TV box. This is a good way to improve your ability to see the teacher.

If you have iPhone/iPad/macBook and Apple TV, you can use AirPlay function to mirror your device’s screen on Apple TV.

If you have iPhone/iPad and Android TV (like Samsung, Sony or LG) you can still mirror your device to TV. You will need two things:

  • Chromecast (built-in or separate stick) on your TV, and
  • Replica (application available in Apple’s App Store) installed on your iPhone/iPad

Look for a suitable space to set out your mat for the class.  It should be as clear and open as possible with enough light for the teacher to be able to see you.  

Make sure that you can put your device with camera far enough from the mat so that all your mat is visible on the screen. Optimally, you will show all your mat and your body up to the head, when you stand up straight in the middle of the mat.

We know that there’s not always a lot of room available, but it’s important to not be near anything that could interfere or be disturbed such as display cases, bookshelves and entertainment centers if you were to make any sudden or unexpected movements.  The teachers at iyoga.online know that the spaces available to students may not be as ideal as you might find in a studio and are ready to accommodate whatever is at hand.

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Once you’ve chosen your device and decided how you’d like to view the classes, next you’ll need to download the Zoom app.  Zoom is the video application iyoga.online uses to facilitate the classes.  

You can find the Zoom app on the Google Play Store or in the Apple’s App Store. 

 It can also be downloaded directly from the Zoom website (www.zoom.com). You do not need to sign up for a Zoom account, simply make sure the app is available on your device.

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On iyoga.online we are not limited to any particular style. We are a tribe of teachers coming from different styles and methods of yoga and are bringing to the community the best from each.

We believe there is no one style of yoga that is best for everyone – as each of us is different, so do our needs and preferences differ. Even more – as we are constantly changing as the time goes, so do our needs and preferences change.

So what do you do? If you know your preferred yoga style, check our teacher profiles to see if we have a teacher in that style. If not, you can recommend a teacher to us by sending a message to info@iyoga.online.

Or – surprise yourself – pick a class in a style you haven’t tried before and who knows, you may have found your next favorite yoga style!

More about yoga styles on iyoga.online…

Absolutely. Yoga is a way to develop more flexibility and strength.

But remember – you are the one feeling and knowing your body. Keep in mind that during your practice you shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort. If you are not sure if you doing good, ask the teacher and (s)he will suggest a modification or tell you how to use props.

With time and practice your body will adapt and you will be surprised how the poses became easier to approach.