Yoga is well-known to be a beneficial part of a healthy lifestyle. Many students have personal stories of how practicing yoga benefits their general health. What some may not know is that studies have been done on how yoga leads to positive outcomes for specific health issues. Among those are studies that look at the health benefits of yoga for women.

Menopause leads to serious health issues for some women. A regular practice of yoga can alleviate symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes, sleep trouble and generalize psychological distress. Another serious health concern for many women is complications from breast cancer. Studies indicate that yoga helps improve symptoms of fatigue and lack of vigor is breast cancer survivors. Other studies show a general improvement in recovery following treatment for breast cancer. Similar effects appear for women recovering from ovarian cancer. Yoga practice is indicated to alleviate symptoms of menstruation. In any case, yoga can be safely practiced during menstruation under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

The regular and attentive practice of yoga improves health in many ways. There are specific health benefits of yoga for women. Take a moment to examine your experience with yoga improving your health, whether for a specific condition or a more generalized feeling of well-being. You’ll find that many people share similar experiences as yours.

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